about us

About Make Live International

MAKE LIVE INTERNATIONAL is a global management consulting firm. We serve a diverse mix of institutions and persons such as public, private, and social areas, professionals, entrepreneurs, investors and corporates.

We provide utmost assistance and lasting improvements to our clients for them to perform better and realize what their real goals are. We have built a notable firm  with a highly state of the art MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Called IDEA CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT. The system is built on our 5 Pillar process for turning the intangibles such as ideas, goals, concepts into tangible achievements such as products, project deliverables and so many goal accomplishment-based processes. We are a fully equipped team of management consultants  that are equal to the task of solving your business TRUE management needs. The ICD System is designed to analyse you and your teams biggest or truest management problems and recommend that much needed solution based on the clarity of the problem definition. Unlike most management providers that offer solutions without being able to clearly identify and define the TRUE Problem being faced.

What We Do

MAKE LIVE INTERNATIONAL’s corporate management group combines proven and tested techniques with concrete and deep experiences for reference cases using both qualitative and quantitative measures.

This will help our clients create distinctive and well managed brands. We believe that having and effective management process between the conception of the idea to its reality and maturity is important, thus we help business owners define the advantages that make management teams effective and optimized which results in the brand being appealing to target markets, distinctive, and relevant. We help differentiate brands from its competitors through superior positioning by optimising their teams for goal accomplishment and to meet customer demands.  We at MAKE LIVE INTERNATIONAL also assist clients in defining the roles of brand assets within a certain portfolio. Our overall understanding of business and corporate management environment allows us to effectively coordinate with teams in coming up with effective management strategies. 


Our mission is to help and support Entrepreneurs, Professionals, investors and Enterprises to turn their ideas founded on love and moral integrity into reality. By helping them get on the Fast lane, through the use of modern technologies that increase producvtity and results.


To build a better world where well minded individuals and organisations with great ideas founded on love and moral integrity have the best chance at succeeding through the use and guidance of well put together tools, strategies, lessons, models and structures.