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Hear from People We Have Worked with

They have been very impactful and just want to appreciate the people involved and give honor where it is due. I had paradigm shift in terms of how to do business.i was able to open a tuition center and it’s really growing gradually. 

Isaac kanguya

Unzapreneurs Management Insights

Very insightful and mind opening. It has helped to incorporate e-commerce skills in my personal business and have extended them to the company am working with. I have learnt to think creatively and currently using that to find ideas that will benefit my community

Audrey Chitangula

ICD Entrepreneurs

Ever since I received the training I have had a different view and approach on all aspects of life especially in enterpreneurship. I make decisions that result in great impact and positive outcome than before, which have really had an impact on some business/business ideas and projects. I have better management skills.

Lovemore malama

Unzapreneurs Management Insights

They are good, easy to understand and can be easily applied. It helped me build strategies on how I was going to market my business.. I also learnt how to financially plan for my business. These seasons also helped me identify which business models were suitable for my business

Charity Miti

Unzapreneurs Management Insights

I currently don’t have a business of my own but I have used the information gained from the training to advise my family members who are into business. And for those who have actually applied it, it has yielded positive results. And I strongly believe that when I do start my business, it will succeed because I would have known what to do and what not to do moving forward. The information and knowledge received will definitely help me make more informed decisions and will give me an advantage over other startups.Thank You Make Live International for being selfless enough to share with me and many others the blueprint of successful businesses.

Faith Chishimba

Unzapreneurs Management Insights

The training was amazing and very insightful, in that I was introduced to alot of things about management and making. I would advise every start up to take advantage of such programs in order to improve their marketing and management skills. It changed my perception about business and marketing in general. It gave me a foundation of how I can penetrate the industry am in as well how I can be established as a start up.

Chishimba Rosaria Musonda

Unzapreneurs Management Insights

The trainings are necessary and quiet helpful I’d like to thank the management team for giving us the best. The trainings so far have greatly impacted my mindset towards me and my business I understand my customers and my market better. 

Tinashe Luputa

E-Marketing Training

Keep it up. A lot has changed, the way I look at things, the way I manage my business and the way I handle customers is different and great.

Pascal Kasongo

E-Marketing Training

A must do short course for current and future customer needs. Have to take my business online immediately.

Hezron Musonda

E-Marketing Training

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